Manager and Supervisor Resources

To promote more effective workplaces, employers can:

  1. Provide learning opportunities as part of everyday worklife.
  2. Create a culture where supervisors support the job success of their teams.
  3. Be mindful of the positive and negative repercussions of autonomy.
  4. Foster workplace belongingness.
  5. Support a culture of work-life fit.
  6. Improve advancement systems.
  7. Recognize and reward the importance of supportive co-worker relationships.

SHRM :Creating A Workplace That Works for Employees and Employers

As part of Human Resources, Worklife is the place to find policies, procedures and assistance surrounding professional and personal (work-life) integration. Please find some common documents, links for both you and your employee, and a toolkit to assist managers/supervisors in optimizing the work-life integration of their staff.

When employees feel their employer cares about their well-being, they’re 38 PERCENT MORE ENGAGED. It starts with acknowledging all areas of employee well-being: physical health, financial well-being, stress and emotional challenges, and life at work. 

Managers play a huge role in employee wellbeing and engagement, which we know are two drivers in becoming a great place to work

  • Employees rate their relationships with direct supervisors as MORE IMPORTANT TO JOB SATISFACTION THAN BENEFITS.
  • A strong manager relationship leads to MORE PRODUCTIVE, EFFICIENT AND LOYAL EMPLOYEES who create less conflict.
  • Employees supervised by a highly engaged manager are 59 PERCENT MORE LIKELY TO BE ENGAGED.

Our Top Six Reads for Managers and Supervisors:

"Creating an Engaged Culture Through Wellbeing" by Virgin Pulse, with tips on how to foster employee engagement through WorkLife practices.

A Ten Step Guide to Working More Human by Globoforce: Work Human, an employee recognition and rewards company.

Seven Components of an Effective Workplace SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)

What Engagement at Work Really Looks Like  Limeade e-booklet (A corporate wellness technology company on employee engagement)

The Whole Employee: What Every CHRO Should Know  Limeade e-booklet

Seven Fundamental Steps for Building A Great Place to Work  Limeade e-booklet