Manager and Supervisor Resources

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A Ten Step Guide to Working More Human by Globoforce: Work Human, an employee recognition and rewards company.

As part of Human Resources, Worklife is the place to find policies, procedures and assistance surrounding professional and personal (work-life) integration. Please find some common documents, links for both you and your employee, and a toolkit to assist managers/supervisors in optimizing the work-life integration of their staff.

When employees feel their employer cares about their well-being, they’re 38 PERCENT MORE ENGAGED. It starts with acknowledging all areas of employee well-being: physical health, financial well-being, stress and emotional challenges, and life at work. 

Managers play a huge role in employee wellbeing and engagement, which we know are two drivers in becoming a great place to work

  • Employees rate their relationships with direct supervisors as MORE IMPORTANT TO JOB SATISFACTION THAN BENEFITS.
  • A strong manager relationship leads to MORE PRODUCTIVE, EFFICIENT AND LOYAL EMPLOYEES who create less conflict.
  • Employees supervised by a highly engaged manager are 59 PERCENT MORE LIKELY TO BE ENGAGED.

Read "Creating an Engaged Culture Through Wellbeing" by Virgin Pulse with tips on how to foster employee engagement through WorkLife practices.