Maternity Leave and Lactation Accommodation

Upon notification by an employee of her pregnancy, managers and supervisors are responsible for providing and discussing leave and lactation policies and options. Departments are responsible for identifying appropriate facilities in advance of the employee's return to work.

Leave/Time Off options:

Please visit our Maternity Benefits page for more complete information on parental leave.

Lactation Accomodations:

Please visit our Breastfeeding Support Program page for more information and user registration.

Read our "Guidelines for Lactation Accommodation" which summarizes UC Davis and UC Davis Medical Center policies and guidelines for employees and supervisors.

Managers and Supervisors can access a general list of buildings (Davis) (UCDH) with lactation rooms and manager/supervisor responsibilities to determine if an employee has a lactation space nearby. Only registered participants have room numbers and access codes to the rooms for health, safety and legal reasons.

Supervisors at remote or mobile locations where there is not access to a program lactation room (such as remote ANR sites) must still provide an appropriate space according to policy.  Solutions include unused offices or conference rooms or purchasing a unit such as the Mamava mini or Mamava inflatable.