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Fall 2015

Participants Needed for a UCD Department of Nutrition Study!

The Department of Nutrition, UC Davis is recruiting breastfeeding mothers to participate in a study about: “Transcriptomic Profiling of Intestinal Epithelial Cells in Response to Milk Exosomes”.  

The team is seeking samples in all age groups but especially in the ages of 5-6 months.

“If you are a mother of an infant who is 5-12 months old and exclusively breast milk feeding, and you are over age 18 years, in good health and had a baby who was normal weight (5lbs 8ozs-9lbs 14ozs) at birth we invite you to consider participating in the study.

We are investigating how one component of breast milk, called exosomes, affects the cells lining an infant’s intestines. We are examining the ways that these exosomes change depending on the mother’s stage of lactation and the part of the breast milk from which they originate. Previous studies have shown that the exosomes carry proteins and genetic material from the mother to the infant’s gut and that they are able to survive digestion. What remains unknown is whether the exosomes found in the fatty portion of breast milk differ from those found in protein (or whey) portion as well as how the exosomes change over time.

If you agree to participate you will be asked to provide a single 50mL (less than 2 oz) sample of fresh breast milk. The milk can be obtained using your usual method of milk expression. After collection the sample will be transferred to a storage container provided by the research team and frozen for further analysis. The sample will be labeled with a study number that will be provided to you should you change your mind about participating later. No identifying information about you or your infant will accompany the sample.

For more information or to set up a sample collection time, please contact:

Dr. Rulan Jiang: 530-752-8438 or
Dr. Sarah Kahn:

Note: If you gave your infant formula in the past but are now only feeding breast milk and/or are giving complementary foods in addition to breast milk you would still be eligible for this study.

The Breastfeeding Support Program provides university affiliates and their partners with lactation consultations, support group meetings, and the use of hospital grade breastpumps located in close to 40 lactation sites on the UC Davis campus as well as 10 sites at UC Davis Medical Center. UC Davis policy provides a site within a 5 minute walk of every building on campus and at various sites at UCDHS.  

The BFSP is co-sponsored by the Foods for Health Institute and the Womens Resource and Research Center.  Additionally, Optum has provided us with UC Living Well deluxe cooler bags for registered participants.  Just pick one up at any class or support group as well as our office in the Heitman Staff Learning Center!

» Please Register for the Program

When you register, you will be provided with site locations. Registration takes less than five minutes. Please register so you can receive updates and information concerning the sites and classes. Registration also provides data that is critical for program continuation.

Pump Kits:

Pump attachment kits can be purchased at the UCD Bookstore (East Wing Store during MU construction).

For the Medical Center, they are sold in the Women's Pavillion:

University Birthing Suites/Women's Pavilion
Tower 3, Room 3674  VM 916-734-6972  Vocera (916-734-0775)--please ask for Debbie Albert

» Davis Campus 

» Medical Center