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Yoga Stretches for Neck Pain and Text Neck:  Great 15-minute office break-time stretching video!

20 minute Resistance Band Workout:  Keep a band in your office and make your break personally productive!

Chair Workout for Legs:  10 minutes for your legs at work!

Late Sleeper? Blame your genes:  3.5 minutes to get those judgy "morning people" off your back...because science has it.

The Best Free Yoga Videos for Beginners: Greatist article with links to three great options plus links to reveiw individual poses with photos.


Guided Awe Walk Meditation:  Refocus and relax in just 4 minutes.

Introduction to Shinrin-Yoku  Learn about the art of Japanese Forest Bathing in 2.5 minutes.

TED TALKS: (under 20 minutes each)

Why we all Need to Practice Emotional First Aid: 17 minutes of a compelling case to practice emotional hygeine.

Tiny Habits:  Forget Big Change, Start with a Tiny Habit by BJ Fogg:  Behavior change starts with baby steps--you can do it!

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work  10 minutes from Nigel Marsh

How to Live to Be 100+  Dan Buettner's study of Blue Zones 

The Surprising Science of Happiness  Dan Gilbert

Can We "Have it All"? by Anne-Marie Slaughter


U Penn Wharton School of Business Work and Life Weekly Podcasts with Stew Friedman