Selecting final filing dates for new positions.

After a department submits a requisition through the PeopleAdmin system, the Employment Consultant/Recruiter in HR will call the contact person in the department to discuss the final filing date.

Applications will be available for review in the PeopleAdmin system as received, however applications will not be referred by HR until the requisition has been posted for at least 10 business days.

Several factors may affect an ongoing recruitment following the initial 10 business posting period. For some positions, it is difficult to attract a qualified applicant pool because of the nature of the position (e.g., specialized skills, working hours, salary issues, history of difficulty with recruitments). When working with your Employment Consultant/Recruiter, consider the dates your advertisements will be published, the impact of focused affirmative action recruitment efforts, positions that are difficult to recruit, etc.

If the department has not been successful with making a selection from the initial applicant pool released after the 10 day posting in the PeopleAdim system, a screen of the incoming applications can be conducted on a weekly basis until the department has made a hiring selection. Applications released by the Employment Consultant/Recruiter on a weekly basis, but not screened by the department due to an earlier selection, can be recorded as not screened in PeopleAdmin system.

If a layoff applicant with preference or a campus employee identified for reassignment/special selection by Disability Management Services (DMS) applies at any time during the recruitment process, the process for layoff or DMS referral is followed. No subsequent release and or screening of applications is permitted until the process has been cleared by Human Resources.

Once a selection is made, the department must initiate the hiring decision in the PeopleAdmin system following required approvals and consultation with the Employment Consultant/Recruiter in Human Resources.

Labor contract and personnel policies for staff members for posting requirements: