Workforce Strategies

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Workforce Strategies manages a diverse portfolio that serves both UC Davis and UC Davis Health. They offer services anywhere from systems support to personnel policy administration, all with a goal to drive departmental success. Key projects include the launch of the inaugural first ever Davis campus-wide staff engagement survey and UCD-wide survey of exiting staff, enhancement to the Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program to enable vacation to be donated to a general pool to assist more employees in need, creation of the Temporary Opportunities for Work (TOW) program to reassign Davis campus staff in need of work due to the impacts of COVID-19.

What We Do:

Human Resources Information Systems

The HRIS team serves as the local system administrators (Tier 2 level support) for the UCPath Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) and ePerformance modules, which includes:

  • Troubleshooting complex issues or answering questions about navigating TAM and ePerformance,
  • Consulting with customers about making configuration changes,
  • Creating templates, documents in ePerformance,
  • Transferring and re-opening documents in ePeformance when appropriate,
  • Conducting trainings and creating web resources,
  • Escalating unresolved issues, defects and change requests to local and systemwide IT teams.

The HRIS team also supports PeopleAdmin, implements mass wage increases in coordination with UCOP, and provides personnel data extracts for schools, colleges and divisions that is not available in Cognos reports.

Cognos reports are developed and managed by Administrative IT, BI Team. To inquire about Cognos functionality, data issues or request a new Cognos report or Cognos report modification, please contact Admin IT To request access to Cognos reports or UCPath security roles, please contact your Security Liaison and requests are submitted via an online request form.

The HRIS team is led by Bill Gregory, Information Systems Supervisor, with team members located in both Davis and Sacramento, including:

  • Kristina De Leon and Matt Matuszak in Davis, and
  • Justin Johnsen, Karena Samuel and Laura Robison in Sacramento

Contact the HRIS team at

Workforce Optimization

The Workforce Optimization team manages projects that align people, processes and technology. Projects often involve partnership with teams within Human Resources and other university offices. Key recent projects include: 

  • Expanded Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program to enable employees to donate vacation to a general pool, in addition to a specific individual, to help other colleagues in needs. In the first two months, compassionate employees donated nearly 2,000 hours of vacation to the new general pool.
  • Established the Temporary Opportunities for Work (TOW) program to enable current UC Davis employees maintain employment by taking advantage of temporary reassignments in other schools, colleges or divisions.
  • Launched Departure View to survey staff employees when separating from Davis campus and Health about their employment and the reasons for their departure. The exit survey data will enable there to be a greater focus on areas to improve the employee experience.
  • Davis Campus-wide Staff Engagement Survey to launch in October 2020 for all staff employees. This comprehensive campus-wide survey will empower data-driven discussions and action planning to improve the workplace.   

Jacob Miller, Business Systems Analyst 5, leads the Workforce Optimization team with Michelle Wong-Abellana, Business Systems Analyst 5. 

Policy Administration

We oversee the review and administration of UC Davis policies and procedures concerning staff personnel subjects, such as the local UC Davis procedures to the UC systemwide Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and Section 380 (Personnel) of the UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM). Employee Relations Consultants provide day-to-day guidance to supervisors and employees about personnel policies and procedures.

To comment on or suggest changes to personnel policies and procedures, contact Carolina Lopez, Policy Administrator, at

Criminal Background Checks

We manage the criminal background check program at UC Davis and UC Davis Health for staff employees, volunteers and some other roles, such as student externs at UC Davis Health. More information about the criminal background check program is available on the HR website. Job applicants and employees undergo background checks who have questions, should direct inquires to the HR staff member who has been contact with them. For programmatic inquiries, contact the Background Check Administrator, at  

Internal HR Operations and Facilities

Mao Lee, HR Supervisor, oversees internal HR operations and facilities in both Davis and Sacramento. Mao supervises the following team:

  • Camille Silva (Reception at Cousteau, Suite 100) and Cris Horgan (HR Administration Building) in Davis, and
  • Laura Lemming (Reception at Ticon III Building) and Diane Frausto (Ticon III Building) in Sacramento