WorkLife on the Road

Invite WorkLife to your next unit meeting to learn about programs and policies designed to assist the employee and discuss work-life integration strategies to reduce stress and optimize you and your team's work experience.

Our speaker visits your workplace and presents work-life strategies designed to encourage an environment of knowledge and support enabling employees to bring their best selves to work each day. 

Evidence tells us that this support translates to greater employee productivity, satisfaction, engagement and retention. In the 2014 Deloitte Millennial Survey, “good work/life balance” is listed as the number one issue of importance in a career after salary.

"WorkLife on the Road" explores the myth of "work-life balance," and offers an integrated perspective and pragmatic approach to addressing the oft-competing responsibilities of work and life.  We offer organizational, managerial, and personal strategies to address challenges and then embrace a holistic approach to address individual well-being setting the foundation for success.  We give an overview of policy, programs and resources that enable people to be effective, engaged and satisfied at work and home. 

Participants gain a perspective shift necessary for addressing work-life "imbalance," and finding meaning in, and motivation around, their work.  We make sure the audience has a chance to move around a bit, doing some "desk yoga", and engaging in a narrative exercise (which are also some of the specific tools to alleviate stress), and encourage them to make the most of their break-time to enhance creativity, well-being and resulting productivity. Participants will identify "just one thing" that they can incorporate into each day improve their well-being and work-life integration.

Email us at to schedule this informative mini-workshop for your group.  

Once we do this introductory workshop, we can then arrange to have follow-ups on specific topics such as Financial Wellness, Stress Management, and Growth Mindset from our many campus and community partners.  A menu of these additional workshops/contacts will be sent to you after the initial WorkLife on the Road presentation.

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