Work & Family Month

October is Work and Family Month!

The aim of National Work and Family Month (WFM)  is to raise awareness for family-friendly policies, work-place flexibility and other work-life benefits that attract, de-stress, engage and retain a talented workforce.  We aim to highlight our efforts in helping people manage their home and work responsibilities so they can bring their best selves to each day. Below please find some resources to help you find some work and life harmony.

5 Helpful Resources to Honor Work and Family Month:

One Special Event: E-Cigarettes and JUUL, Addicting a New Generation

Join Kim Homer Vagadori, Project Director for the California Youth Advocacy Network, in this special presentation on how e-cigarettes, vapes, JUUL, and Sorens, are changing the landscape of tobacco control. Youth and young adults are more likely to use these new and emerging tobacco and nicotine products than any other age group population. Sales of JUULs have increased 800% in the past year, and research shows that these products are being used by young people who may have not considered using tobacco.

Two Apps:

  • Cozi Family Calendar and Organizer
  • Focus Booster: A Pomodoro Timer Technique app to help time tasks and schedule breaks

Three Downloadable Tip Sheets from Boston College Center for Work and Family:

Four Podcasts:

Five UC Davis Resources:

Happy Work and Family Month!