Student Parent Resources

Being both a student and a parent comes with its own set of unique challenges and responsibilities. At UC Davis, we’re here to help you navigate the many options and resources available to you.

UC Davis  Resources


  • A Postdoc's Guide to Pregnancy and Maternity Leave: National Postdoctoral Association
  • Graduate Student Work and Life PodcastNUWorkWell is a Northwestern University podcast for Work, Life & Wellness as a graduate student. Job searching as a graduate student, while balancing a dissertation, teaching, and a personal life can feel all-consuming. From graduate alumni offering insight and support regarding specific job search processes, to practitioners sharing strategies and resources for managing wellness throughout career exploration and searches, our interviews are here to help graduate students conduct a job search with sanity!

Child Care Funding Options for Students at UC Davis:

  1. The Student Parent Child Care Grant (housed here in WorkLife) is processed through the Financial Aid office.
  2. Students attending a UC who have dependent children under the age of 18, and are receiving more than half of their support from you, may be eligible to receive an access award of up to $6,000 at from the California Student Aid Commission.
  3. The Financial Aid Office offers loans to help student who have dependent children and related child care expenses through an Alternative Budget Request. This request increases the student's budget to cover additional family expense. The increased budget will be met by loan if eligible. Applicants who are married, or with dependent children age 18 and under, should submit an Alternative Budget Request Form. The form is available online for undergraduate or graduate students. Professional Students should contact their respective Financial Aid Office.
  4. More financial assistance for student parents can be found on our Financial Assistance Page.

Support and Playgroups

  • Graduate, undergraduate, and professional student parents Facebook page.
    A support group for graduate and professional mothers and their partners. This group also welcomes expecting mothers. 
  • UC Davis Health System Parent Resource Group Facebook page. This is a closed group to support faculty, staff and postgraduates trainees of the UC Davis Health System.
  • Yolo Center for Families

Financial Well-being

Places to trade/find recycled baby and child items:

Davis, Dixon and Woodland:


Please visit The UC Davis Student Parent Child Care Funding Program Financial Assistance page for further resources.