Flex Work: The New Normal

Flexible work keeps us resilient and operational in a changing world.

Flex work continues to be a critical tool for reducing the spread of illness by minimizing face-to-face contact while maintaining business continuity.

  • Some employees should continue working remotely
  • Some employees can start splitting time between home and the workplace
  • Some employees cannot telecommute at all given their job functions

Guiding Principles

One of the Guiding Principles of Bringing Administrative Employees Back to Campus Workspaces is

Activities that can be conducted remotely should continue in remote mode to the fullest extent possible.

  • Partial transitions are encouraged using hybrid models.
  • Consideration and planning for long-term flexible work arrangements are encouraged.
  • Individuals should not be subject to advantages or disadvantages based on the mode of work that they arrange in coordination with their supervisors and managers.

 “We will consider the lessons we have learned from our current remote working arrangements and continue alternative working arrangements to an extent that is both effective and productive.” 

---Christine D. Lovely, Associate Vice Chancellor/Chief Human Resources Officer