Telework: Workplace Disruptions

Telework or Remote Work can keep you operational during a business disruption caused by emergency events.

Some employees could begin working remotely immediately, while others could if equipment is available and others cannot telecommute at all given their job functions.

Telework is a strategy typically used to boost efficiency and morale. However, during a disruption, telework can be a critical tool for reducing the spread of illness by minimizing face-to-face contact, and maintaining business continuity while employees are asked to social distance, self-isolate, or quarantine.

Supervisors and/or unit/department heads can designate certain employees to work from home, and during a disruption, are asked to exercise maximum flexibility when approving a remote or telework arrangement.

  • Flexible arrangements must be transparent, equitable and communicated to all.
  • In keeping with Change in Campus Operating Status (Policy 390-12), certain types of positions may not be appropriate for remote work (e.g., healthcare functions, animal care, emergency responders and others)