Employee Review Request for UC Systemwide HR Policies

Comment on UC Systemwide HR Policy Proposals

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) often seeks employee feedback on systemwide HR policies and programs when:

  • Current policies and programs undergo proposed changes
  • Proposing new systemwide policies or programs

See below for policies and programs currently open for employee review and comment. Please contact Jenna Makus with any questions or feedback.

Policy/Program Name Review Links New/Revision Comments Due

Presidential Policy - University of California - Policy on Vaccination Programs

On August 16, 2023, the Policy on Vaccination Programs – With Interim Revisions was issued. The interim revisions move the University’s COVID-19 vaccination program to a systemwide opt-out program for all covered individuals. The University’s seasonal influenza vaccination program remains an opt-out program. The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) invites employee comments on changes from the interim revisions to finalize this Presidential Policy. 

As background, there have been significant changes in federal and State public health guidance regarding COVID-19 since the last Systemwide Review period for this policy. The federal Public Health Emergency ended on May 11, 2023, along with the COVID-19 vaccination requirements for federal employees and federal contractors. California’s COVID-19 State of Emergency ended on February 28, 2023, and the California Department of Public Health rescinded its health care worker vaccination requirement effective April 3, 2023.

The draft policy is virtually identical to the policy with interim revision that was issued on August 16, 2023.  Key revisions include:

  • Policy will require covered individuals to either be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination or to opt out of COVID-19 vaccination.  In the event applicable law or public health orders impose stricter vaccination requirements, such as for healthcare workers, the policy will continue to require compliance with those stricter requirements.
  • As policy will no longer require covered individuals to either be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccination or receive a University-approved exception, model forms and other content regarding the exception process were removed.
  • COVID-19 vaccination program implementation guidelines were removed. Relevant language regarding vaccination data moved to main policy. Policy noncompliance language added to main policy, including citations to relevant University policies. 
  • Removed content regarding rescinded California Department of Public Health (CDPH) health care worker vaccine requirement.
  • Updated language consistent with current public health usage.  Removed outdated deadlines and content.

Email feedback to Jenna Makus by December 1, 2023.

Tracked changes posted to UCnet Revision December 1, 2023

PPSM-36, Classification of Positions

The University of California is proposing revisions to PPSM-36 (Classification of Positions), which applies to staff employees in the Professional & Support Staff (PSS), Managers & Senior Professionals (MSP), and Senior Management Group (SMG) personnel groups.

This draft of PPSM-36 has been updated to add definitions for clarity and understanding, add substantial content to align policy with systemwide and location practices, and clarify systemwide and location responsibilities.

Email feedback to Jenna Makus by October 13, 2023.

Tracked changes posted to UCnet  Revision October 13, 2023
The review period has ended for the following:      

Employee-initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) Program

ERIT is an optional tool that locations and organizational units may choose to implement as a flexible work resource. At locations that choose to offer ERIT, eligible career staff (except Senior Management Group members) can request the department head’s approval to voluntarily reduce their current appointment percentage and corresponding pay, within specific limits, for certain specified advantages, such as accrual of vacation and sick leave at the employees’ pre-ERIT rates.

Proposed revisions to this program are as follows:

  • Changed the 36-month lifetime ERIT contract maximum to 36 months per contract. Locations may choose to renew an ERIT contract if operational needs require, beginning a new 36-month maximum period.
  • Made clarifying edits/updates to terms and definitions in the Health and Welfare benefits, UC Retirement and Compliance language.
  • Consolidated Program, Procedures and FAQs into one program document.
Documents for review Revision

May 25, 2023