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Making connections short-term and long- to set up staff for success.

Temporary Employment Services (TES) places people in administrative, trade or services roles at either UC Davis or UC Davis Health where temporary staff support is needed. Assignments can be full-time, part-time and range from a couple months to a couple years. In the past, the majority of our jobs have been administrative but have since then expanded to offer a greater variety of positions including Food Service, Custodial Service, Labor/Maintenance and Medical Office Support. Please note,

TES does not hire existing students as our positions are Staff Positions. 

TES positions are at least 50% FTE (20 hours per week), although most positions are full time.

TES Employees are eligible for Mid-Level Medical Benefits (dental/vision not included).

TES Employees accrue sick leave, and some positions are eligible for vacation accruals.

TES Employees qualify for paid Holidays (some exclusions apply)

Not all TES employees are eligible for Jury Duty Pay. If you have received a Jury Duty Summons, please contact TES directly. If you are not eligible for Jury Duty Pay, TES can provide you with a letter for Jury Duty.

Resources for Current TES Employees

Payroll Questions

Contact Shared Services

Phone: 530-754-4772
Email: aggieservice@ucdavis.edu
Timesheet Questions TRS Email: trshelp@ucdavis.edu

Benefits Questions

Visit the Benefits Webpage

Phone: 530-752-1774
Email: benefits@ucdavis.edu
Address: 260 Cousteau Place, Suite 100 Davis, CA


Professional Development

Access the UC Learning Center

Phone: 530-752-1766
Email: hr-learning@ucdavis.edu


Employment/Income Verification

Visit this Webpage


Parking for Campus Employees

Visit TAPS

Phone: 530-752-8277
Email: transportationservices@ucdavis.edu
Address: One Shields Avenue Davis, CA

Parking for UC Davis Health Employees

Visit the UC Davis Health Parking Site

Phone: 916-734-2687
Email: hs-parking@ucdavis.edu
Address: 4800 2nd Avenue, Suite 1100 Sacramento

For Employment Accommodation

Visit Disability Management Services

Email: dmshelp@ucdavis.edu

Resources for Hiring Managers


Request a Temporary Employee for your Department

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