Layoff Information for Employees

If you have received a layoff notification, you may be going through a difficult time. Use the information below as a guide.

Layoffs can be caused by lack of funding, lack of work, or department reorganization. The term "layoff" includes reduction in time.

As soon as you've received notification of layoff, you may choose to:

  1. Refer to your layoff notification letter. Ask your supervisor or Employee Relations Consultant for clarification as needed.
  2. Refer to UCNet - What to Do if You're Being Laid Off for information on your rights, options, benefits and more. 
  3. Consult the Support & Resources for Employees - Layoffs or Reductions in Time (.pdf) for a printable list of resources.
  4. Contact Benefits to learn how a layoff will affect your benefits, benefits options available to you, and important deadlines.
  5. Don't hesitate to contact the Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) for practical advice on getting through this emotionally difficult time.

Non-Represented Employees: In accordance with policy, UC Davis offers severance pay as the sole option upon layoff and reduction in time for non-represented employees. Non-represented employees do not have the option to elect recall and preference for reemployment.

Represented Employees:

This page summarizes university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the following links for the full text of referenced information:

If you have questions about the layoff process, please contact Employee & Labor Relations at UC Davis or UC Davis Health.