Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance is required for select positions to protect employees from possible work-related health problems and to protect the university from liability issues.

It is the department's responsibility to ensure an assessment/review by Occupational Health Services for medical monitoring purposes is completed prior to the start date for a new hire. Please contact your Employment Consultant/Recruiter if you have questions about the classifications identified for medical monitoring.

Department Responsibilities:

  • Identifies the position requiring medical surveillance/medical monitoring program participation based on specific job classifications.
  • Request/Authorization for Medical Services Form from Occupational Health.
  • Include the following statement under the "Work Environment" section of the position description in the PeopleAdmin system: "This position is subject to Medical Surveillance procedures and review in accordance with Federal and State Laws and Regulations and University Policy."
  • Upon selection, department schedules individual for medical monitoring assessment with Occupational Health prior to initial start date.
  • If medical monitoring assessment process is successfully completed, consult as appropriate with the department's Employment Consultant/Recruiter in HR.

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Medical surveillance/medical monitoring statement is reviewed by the Employment Consultant/Recruiter for appropriateness of position requirements.
  • Advises department to access the Request/Authorization for Medical Services Form from Occupational Health.