Learn to create or cancel a job requisition for open recruitment for PPS and MSP staff positions.

The information below will help you learn how to create or cancel a job requisition, as well go over department responsibilities.

Creating a Job Requisition

Department Responsibilities: 

  • Determine your staffing needs for a replacement, vacant or a newly created position. Issues to consider include the classification level, appointment type such as career, limited appointment, contract, percentage of time, duration, multiple appointments, etc. Your department's Central HR Employment Consultant /Recruiter can assist you.
  • Consideration should be given to individuals with recall rights within the department prior to submitting your requisition. If you have questions, please contact your Central HR Employee Relations Consultant.
  • Ensure you have an accurate position description ready for your employment action. The position description must accurately reflect the critical functions and qualifications (skill, knowledge, ability and experience requirements) in addition to special requirements, certifications, and/or work environment, (i.e. background check, medical monitoring, pre-placement physical, etc.) and physical demands, if any. Note: No changes can be made to the position description once your job requisition has been received by your recruiter through the PeopleAdmin System.
  • Obtain approval of the hiring authority/department head and/or follow internal protocols to process your request.
  • Review affirmative action goals and the need for a recruitment plan.
  • Use the PeopleAdmin system to initiate your job posting requisition. 

 Employment Services Responsibilities:

  • Reviews the requisition including the job summary, qualifications, physical demands, and work environment to ensure information appropriately supports the essential functions. If it does not, the requisition will be cancelled and the position description must be corrected and re-submitted to HR Central Compensation Services through the PeopleAdmin system. 
  • Works with the hiring department to determine internal or external recruitment, clarifies posting and final filing dates, confirms department or HR screening and date for release of applications.
  • Assists with developing screening questions for minimum qualifications, reaffirms affirmative action goals to develop recruitment plan, and clarifies other information about the position, including attachments that can be submitted by the applicant.
  • Ensures the language in the job requisition and other advertisements meets EEO/Policy/Federal/State guidelines. 
  • Edits and approves any advertisements prior to publications in sources other than the campus Career Opportunities Web site. Once approved, the hiring department works directly with the advertising source to place the ad. See Advertising.
  • Posts the job requisition to the Career Opportunities.

Cancelling a Job Requisition

Department Responsibilities:

  • Contact your department's Recruiter to discuss the reasons for withdrawing the job requisition.
  • Make notation in the PeopleAdmin system under “Notes” to document the department’s reason for withdrawing the requisition.
  • If the requisition was for an open posting and applicants had been interviewed, the department should identify status of applications screened by hiring department in the PeopleAdmin system.

Employment Consultant/Recruiter Responsibilities:

  • Notify parties as appropriate of the withdrawn status.
  • Initiates withdrawn requisition in the PeopleAdmin system.

Resources and References: