Vacancy Management Program - Davis Campus

Vacancy Management for staff positions at UC Davis ensures the best possible stewardship of our workforce.

Effective April 1, 2020 we implemented a Vacancy Management program for UC Davis. This is not a hiring freeze as hiring and onboarding continues, and there will always be a path to filling critical positions.

These changes provide some financial protection and enable us to consider opportunities for colleagues who may benefit from being reassigned.

Health Vacancy Management Program
Guidelines for staff positions at the UC Davis Medical Center,, and departments and schools reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Human Health Services.

Scope of Davis Campus Vacancy Management Program

Vacancy management supports responsible financial stewardship and strategic human resources planning through reviewing each vacancy in consideration of organizational need.

The Davis Campus Vacancy Management Program applies to all new, career staff positions at the Davis Campus. This includes departments, colleges and schools reporting to the UC Davis Chancellor. 

  • Includes New Career Staff Positions
  • Includes Full-time and Part-time Status
  • Includes these position actions:
    • Recruitment
    • Waiver of recruitment
    • Internal promotion
    • Conversion from contract to career

Process for Vacancy Management Program

In general, when the Department determines to fill a vacant position, the following process is utilized:

  • Vacancy Request Form is completed and organizational chart is attached (required)
  • Vacancy Request Form is routed to HR Business Partner/Chief Administrative Officer who reviews for completeness and obtains necessary approvals
  • HR Business Partner/Chief Administrative Officer submits request to the Vacancy Review Committee for decision
    • If request is supported, the HR Business Partner/Chief Administrative Officer initiates appropriate action through regular channels. 
    • If request is denied, a Department may choose to resubmit the request with additional information to the Vacancy Review Committee for reconsideration.

FAQs and Scenarios

  • What attachments should be included with the Vacancy Request Form?
  • Only the organization chart is required to be included.
  • Can I post a job as a contract position, with the option to convert that position to career?
  • Yes. However, the new career position must go through the vacancy approval process.
  • When a department wants to conduct career recruitment to fill a vacant position previously held by an employee on a contract, does the recruitment require approval under the VMP?
  • Yes. Since the position will be filled with a career hire with indefinite employment (unlike a contract position with a set end date), the recruitment is subject to approval under the VMP.