supporting veteran employees

Veteran Outreach at UC Davis

You served your country. You serve the university. Now, let us serve you.

UC Davis supports its military community, including Veterans, dependents, and family members of military personnel. We also work to improve outreach to the Veteran community, in hopes of recruiting and cultivating their unique leadership skills and diverse perspectives at UC Davis. Please browse our Veteran staff resources so that we can better serve you.

  • Self-identify your veteran status via UCPath – Employees are asked to self-identify their protected veteran status to help us measure the effectiveness of outreach and recruitment efforts. The response you provide will not be used as the basis for any employment decision affecting you. 
  • Contact – Please direct any questions related to veteran staff recruitment to:
    Lyndon Huling
    Manager, Leadership Recruitment & Diversity Services
    Human Resources or 916-734 4178.

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