Human Resources Data

Human Resources develops data dashboards, metrics and key performance indicators to support decision-making and process improvements.

We're improving the collection and reporting of staff workforce metrics and HR service delivery.

This data lets us routinely and reliably measure HR services using consistent definitions and methodologies to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Data Available Below

  1. Local HR Analytics
  2. UC Systemwide HR Analytics
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UC Davis/UC Davis Health (Local) HR Analytics

UCD Employee Headcount and FTE Metrics

Headcount and FTE totals for all employees at UC Davis and UC Davis Health. 
Data can be organized by employee classes, divisions, deptartments and more.

Updated:  Monthly |  Data Source:  UCPath

Talent Acquisition Metrics

dashboard for staff talent acquisition for campus.

Davis Campus     UC Davis Health

High-level quantitative view of UC Davis’ current recruitment cycle, including number of hires (external and internal), number of applications received, and applicant demographic information (ethnicity/race.)

Updated: Quarterly   |    Data Source: UCPath & PeopleAdmin

Internal Movement

A quick look at staff changing positions within and between departments, and between Davis Campus and UC Davis Health. Details lateral transfers, promotions, and voluntary demotions as primary reasons for internal movement. 

Frequency of Updates: Semiannually (published ~6wks after Dec. 31 and fiscal close)
Data Source: UCPath

Not included: reclassifications, “reports to” supervisor changes and involuntary personnel actions.

Local Job Applicant Data

Recruitment data on applicants, based on zip code. Applicants are identified as either within a Community of Interest, Local Neighborhood or Outside Local Communities.

Turnover Data

Snapshot of staff turnover (separation from employment), including reasons for separation, overall separation rate, voluntary career turnover rate, early career turnover, demographics, and average age and tenure at separation.

  • Updated: Quarterly
  • Data Source: UCPath

Workforce Diversity

UC Davis and UC Davis Health employee demographics, including gender, race/ethnicity, age, disability, veteran status, years of service, organization and employee type.

Updated: Annually
Data Source: UCPath

UC Davis Health Demographics

(Access is limited to Health Network Only)

All Staff     Nursing Staff

UC Systemwide HR Analytics

UC Staff Workforce Profile

Includes headcount by location and personnel program, turnover and new hire data, and demographic information by personnel program. 

Updated: Annually

Full-Time Equivalent

Depicts size and growth of the UC workforce (academic and staff employees) over the past 10 years. 

Updated: Annually

Talent Acquisition Learning and Development Report

Shows number of open positions, applications received and hiring rates, as well as job site analytics, such as referral sources and job shares, all broken down by UC location. Also reflects completion of various talent management programs (e.g., Implicit Bias training and Management Development) and the use of the “My UC Career” system. 

Updated: Quarterly

Employee Trends (2019)

Shows employee and workload growth, growth by personnel program, job family shifts, and shifts in funding for staff; for UC's academic and staff employees

Accountability Report (2021)

Assessment of UC's progress in meeting key teaching, research, and public service goals across its 10 campuses.

Updated: Annually

Request Dashboard Access

For those with a business need to gain access to dashboards, please send a request and rationale to

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