Pay for Performance (P4P)

logo of uc davis pay for performance programPay for Performance recognizes and rewards non-represented employees through a merit based salary program. 

Using the structure of an annual performance review, the goal is to reward higher performance with higher pay. The philosophy behind this merit-based salary program is to attract and retain the best employees and this is holds true whether you work on the campus in Davis or in Sacramento. But, the tools and technologies for initiating and completing the annual review do vary by location.

Mandatory Employee Training:

A new requirement towards receiving a Fully Achieved Expectations rating is completion of "Cyber Security Awareness" and "Sexual Harassment Prevention" training. Employees who do not complete the mandatory training required during their appraisal period will not be eligible for a Fully Achieved Expectations rating.

More than 90 percent of UC Davis and UC Davis Health employees already complete these trainings. Managers can confirm their employees’ completion by accessing the UC Learning Center. Employees can check the UC Learning Center to confirm they’ve completed the assigned training.

Guiding Principles of Pay for Performance:


  • Within each school, college or division, an individual or group of individuals at the leadership level takes responsibility for coordinating and communicating the calibration and merit distribution process.
  • Supervisors and managers within that school, college or division are directly engaged/involved with the calibration process.
  • Supervisors and managers are informed about the merit application process outcomes prior to communication with individual employees.

Distribution of Merit (pending allocation from President): 

  • No across-the-board distribution. There is differentiation in the application of merit dollars.
  • The only factor considered in the application or distribution of merit funds is annual performance (e.g. equity and/or placement in the range/market are not considered).
  • Application of dollars/merit is consistent across performance ratings.
  • Supervisors are informed about the merit application process outcomes prior to communication with individual employees.