Gunrock Boldy Goes

plush gunrock toy sitting on a globeNever get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Get involved with #gunrockgoes!

Chancellor Gary S. May developed our new strategic plan, "To Boldly Go...". So here at WorkLife we are taking it literally by encouraging you to boldly go...on your earned vacation! We have initiated a fun way to share your vacation memories with your UC Davis family:

  1. Bring a tiny Gunrock (can be purchased with 25% off at the MU bookstore 1st Friday of each month)
  2. Take a travel photo
  3. Email it to Worklife  along with the location it was taken.

We want to see you and our buddy Gunrock having fun (or at least creating a great story) riding trains, volunteering at a sanctuary, taking in a Van Gough, enjoying an epic road trip, climbing Kilimanjaro, exploring cities, hiking in the woods, reading at the beach. Whatever you do to refresh - just share your experience with Gunrock and your UC Davis family!  Please note that our website is public so the slideshow photos will be visible to all.