WorkLife Workshops

The WorkLife Program offers presentations to assist people in minimizing work-life conflict and optimizing their work-life harmony. Look for annual topical series or schedule a WorkLife presentation specifically for your team.

Spring 2022 Virtual Series:

Work-Life Skills for the New World of Work SERIES

This Series will kick-off with the New World of WorkLife presentation on Tuesday, April 5, 12:00-1:00 and follow every three weeks on Tuesdays with curated presentations from our campus partners.

  • Sandy Batchelor, WorkLife: Work-Life Skills for the New World of Work
  • Dana Hinojosa, Ombuds Office: How to Advocate for Yourself in the New World of Work
  • Marina Podoreanu, ASAP, Stress Management in the New World of Work
  • Vicky Tibbs, Organizational Excellence: How to Navigate Change
    • Tuesday, June 7, 12:00-1:00

Series Class Descriptions:

Class #1:  Work-life Skills for the New World of Work

One positive result of a global pandemic has been a deeper examination of how we want to spend our time on earth, and the role of work and career in that reimagining. The relationship between work and life is a constant ebb and flow of time, attention and energy, and WorkLife has tools to help individuals establish and nurture harmony between work and life.  We will explore the new skills, both internal and external, necessary to function effectively in this ever-changing post(?) pandemic world of work. This presentation will explore the following:

  • An overview of work-life, reimagined for today’s world of work
  • Identify your work-life conflict and learn practices and tools to enhance work-life harmony
  • A deep dive into self-care, resilience, burnout, boundaries, gratitude and the importance of meaning in work
  • Develop an understanding of the new advantages and challenges brought about by flexible work
  • Explore specific tools to optimize your work so you can let-go at the end of the day
  • Boost skills to insulate yourself from burnout and motivation challenges
  • Learn to tap into your strengths to optimize your functioning at both work and home

We will explore the myth of "work-life balance," and offer an integrated perspective and pragmatic approach to addressing the oft-competing responsibilities of work and life. 2022 provides us a great deal of opportunity to reimagine work-life going forward.  This presentation will provide the support and tools to encourage the necessary mind shifts and ultimate transitions to the new, more effective—less stressful---world of work. 

Class #2:  How to Advocate for Yourself

Flexible work schedules and work from home options can bring much needed balance to a busy life. However, they can also bring schedule clashes, increasingly blurred boundaries between work and home life, questions around fairness, communication breakdown, and more. Whether you are navigating the challenges that come along with flex work or are considering asking for increased flexibility, this workshop will provide you with strategies to communicate your needs in the most effective way.  Join us as we explore: 

  • How to speak up assertively without being seen as aggressive  
  • How to ask for what you need in a way that invites others to help you rather than shut you down 
  • How to work toward getting what you need even when you are told “No” 
Class #3:  Stress Management in the New World of Work

From the time of our very first breath until our last, the majority of individuals will experience various stressful situations and changes. As we go through times of change and high anxiety that might be taking place in our everyday work-life or in the world, we can explore and implement various ways for managing stress and enhancing our well-being. Join us for a discussion on strategies around recognizing stress, decreasing anxiety, and exercising self-care & self-compassion while navigating challenges, stressors, and experiences.  The discussion will focus on:

  • What is Stress?
  • Causes & Symptoms of Stress
  • Stress Management and Self-Care practices
  • Grounding Exercise

This presentation will provide mindfulness tools and coping skills for stress management and increasing well-being in the New World of Work and Life.

Class # 4:  Navigating Change

“The only constant is change”. Yes, we know. That doesn’t make it always easy or pleasant! The last 2 years have brought fast, interconnected changes that we were not expecting. Undoubtedly, there are more changes to come. How can we use what energy we have left in the best possible way, and continue moving forward? In this presentation we will:

  • Examine the process every individual goes through during change.
  • Discuss what you might notice in yourself and others at different points during change
  • Develop actions, skills, and ways of thinking to navigate changes
  • Integrate individualized plans to thrive through change

When we consider our individual process and needs, we are prepared to take actions to not only survive change, but to thrive during change.

For a personal/team focused presentation, we will gladly zoom or visit your team meeting (for just under an hour) to highlight available tools and resources and learn a some techniques to optimize your work/life effectiveness.

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