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Consistent Status Updates Coming to AggieService

We're working to improve status updates on all customer cases, starting with how we communicate progress on:

  • One-time payments
  • Timesheet changes (return, supervisor/identifier updates and submit paper timesheet)
  • Recruitments (open, pre-select and direct hire)
  • Ask a question and report a problem

Frankly, we're hoping for fewer calls
The #1 question the SSO Service Desk gets is from customers inquiring about the status of their request. We agree that you shouldn't have to call us, so we're developing a series of consistent case status updates to keep you apprised of your request's status - from open to close.

Back in the day...
Prior to UCPath, the SSO did a pretty good job of notifying the customer when their pay was being corrected. Since the conversion to UCPath, the SSO's case comments often include transaction numbers and other confusing language. This is not helpful to our clients and generates a lot of calls and emails to the SSO Service Desk.

More friendly updates as we roll this out
For example, on a One-Time Payment request, the customer can expect a message::

  • When the case has been reviewed - we'll immediately request any missing information and provide an anticipated pay date
  • When the information has been entered into UCPath and official pay date is determined
  • When work has been completed and the case is closed

All 25 Cases by 2021
We're going to improve case comments and status updates for each of the 25 AggieService case types over the next year. We'd love to know what you think - send us an email at aggieservice@ucdavis.edu

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