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Accomplished Exhaustion or Meaningful Experience?

I was recently asked to coach a group of leaders from various parts of an organization. Although they were from different departments – client services, publications, IT, communications, operations – they all shared a sense of exhaustion that outweighed their sense of accomplishment related to some considerable successes.

Career Chats Offer Insight and Resources to Prospective Employees

HR is offering an exciting new opportunity for job seekers as part of its commitment to attract a diverse and talented workforce. The resource is called Career Chats and its purpose is to connect prospective applicants with an HR coordinator to learn about jobs and find their place at UC Davis or UC Davis Health. 

Disability Awareness Recognition Awards

Nominations due May 4 to recognize supervisors for demonstrating exemplary efforts to provide reasonable accommodations for UC Davis employees with disabilities.

Student Loan Forgiveness Opportunity

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program forgives the remaining balance on your Direct Loans after 120 qualifying monthly payments. Your months of employment with UC Davis may also count towards loan forgiveness.

Setting Boundaries

According to this research most of us have taken on more tasks than we feel confident we can reasonably achieve. Why do we do this? According to respondents, the top 5 reasons people give for their overgrown to-do lists include: