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SSO Software Purchase Process

Here you can find steps on how to purchase or renew software.

To Purchase or Renew Software:

  1. Contact your UISL, Unit Information Security Lead, and have them review your request.
    • If there is no need for a VRA, Vendor Risk Assessment, then please include this E-mail from the UISL. 
    • If the UISL states the request requires an assessment, then the request cannot be submitted through KFS, Kuali Financial System, until after the assessment is finished and the findings report published.  
      • That applies to both departmental and ISO, Information Security Office, assessments.
  2. Once you have acquired the above documentation, submit your request to the SSO, Shared Service Organization.
  3. The SSO processor that is working on your ticket will initiate the proper KFS document and attach the appropriate form above.
  4. SCM, Supply Chain Management, will issue the Purchase document to the vendor.
  5. Upon completion of the purchase document, the SSO team member will notify you and arrange for payment to the vendor.