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Acknowledging your emotions is important during a crisis.

Acknowledging your emotions is important during a crisis.

When dealing with a person in crisis, they may say things that are offensive or hurtful.  It is important to practice rational detachment so that what they say does not cause us to escalate and show heightened emotions. We may feel upset or angry during these situations, but by acknowledging your emotions, you can gain a better understanding of what you’re experiencing and prevent them from overwhelming you. If necessary, feel free to walk away for a few minutes to regain your composure.  (

The UC systemwide Campus Climate Reporting System allows anonymous and identified reports of intolerance such as: Expressions of Bias Incidents, Hate Speech, Hate Crimes, Graffiti/Vandalism, Intimidation, Bullying or Physical Violence, Bias Incidents, Hostile Climate, and other climate issues. Information about the UC systemwide reporting is available in the following policy: UC Davis Health Policy 1466.

Such matters can also be reported to HDAPP via the Report Hate and Bias portal:

Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Contact the Workplace Violence Prevention Unit: