Dual Appointment Above 100%

Occasionally, special circumstances may warrant an exception to the restrictions that preclude full-time employees from receiving additional compensation from the university.

Please note that these guidelines describe the UC Davis campus process for requesting an exception for a dual appointment over 100%. For information regarding UC Davis Health procedures, please contact UC Davis Health Compensation Services.


  • Both appointments must be non-represented professional and support staff positions.
  • It must be impractical to employ another person.
  • The additional appointment must be short-term, and may not exceed 12 months.
  • The additional appointment will not negatively affect the employee’s performance.
  • If the additional appointment is in the home department, it must be in a different classification.
  • Employee Relations must approve the dual appointment in advance of any work being performed in the additional appointment.

How to Request an Exception:

Contact your employee relations consultant to obtain advance approval of the exception request. It is advisable to consult with the Employee Relations department before submitting the request. The exception request should be submitted by the department requesting the additional appointment, and must include the following information:

  • Written approval from Compensation Services for the proposed classification of the second appointment. Requests for classification approval should be sent by email to Maria Gonzalez, Compensation Manager, and must provide a description of the duties to be performed in the additional appointment.
  • Written agreement to the arrangement from the department head of the home department.
  • Description of the situation leading to the request, the reason(s) it is impractical to employ another person, the classification, salary, and appointment percentage requested, begin and end dates of the dual appointment, supervisor for the additional appointment, and anticipated work schedule.

If the request is approved, the department and the Payroll Office will be notified by Human Resources. Instructions for processing the transaction for the additional appointment will be provided at that time.


The additional appointment does not need to be entered in People Admin.

Payroll Administration

If one of the appointments is exempt and the other is non-exempt, then both appointments are treated as non-exempt for the duration of the dual appointment period. The second department must coordinate with the home department to determine how many of the hours worked qualify for premium overtime (for example during weeks in which a holiday falls, or the employee used vacation or sick leave). The home department will need to track hours and pay premium overtime for hours exceeding 40 hours worked in the work week.

If both positions are exempt, the employee will not be eligible for premium overtime compensation.

Salary must be within range of the approved classification. If the proposed salary for the second appointment is more than 25% higher than the employee’s current salary, advance written approval from the Talent & Rewards Executive Director is required.