Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)

We maintain a list of revisions to our local provisions for PPSMs for reference purposes.  The current local procedures for PPSMs are listed at PPSM Revision History.

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  • -  PPSM applies to Professional and Support Staff, Managers and Senior Professionals, and Senior Management Group Employees.

    -  PPSM contains information specific to non-represented staff employees, with some content applicable to represented employees, such as leave and supplemental military leave.

    -  This is a systemwide level manual providing overall governing policy.

    -  UC Davis has procedures that implement many of the systemwide policies.

    -  The UC Office of the President publishes these policies, and consults with locations to obtain input for such policies.

    -  Inquiries regarding PPSM Content can initially be made to Employee Relations consultants.