UC Davis Health Requisition & Interview Process

The following information includes the policies and best practices designed to help hiring managers in a successful recruitment.

Reviewing Candidates

Policy & Local Practice


Affirmative Action Goal: Your Recruiter will provide the Affirmative Action Goal(s) for your position once posted, if applicable. More information about staff affirmative action & diversity goals can be found by clicking here. 

Work with your Recruiter on advertising, sourcing, and other outreach options to increase the diversity of your applicant pool.

Applicant Screening Process: Your Talent Acquisition Partner will use your job posting and position description to screen all applications for minimum and preferred qualifications. In some instances, screening will be conducted by the Shared Service Organization. Departments will be provided a full list of their applicant pool once screening has occurred.

A screening criteria template (Excel) is used to ensure consistent screening.

More information about Screening can be found here. 

Preparing for Interviews 

Forming the Interview Panel

Policy & Local Practice


Make Up: A diverse interview panel, consisting of 3 or more individuals is highly encouraged.

Diversity may apply to occupational and departmental. For supervisor/manager recruitments, at least one panel member should be employed outside of the Hiring Department.

Training: At least one panel member must be current on the following courses:

  1. Hiring for Success
  2. Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process

Please notify your Recruiter which panel member(s) have completed the courses.

Trainings are available through the UC Learning Center and due every two years (biannually).

1. UC Hiring for Success

2. Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process

Conflicts of Interest: Individuals with a near-relative relationship with a candidate, cannot serve on the interview panel.

Panel members must disclose if they know the candidates and the nature of that relationship, to their Hiring Manager and the Recruiter, BEFORE interviews.

Panel members must disclose if a conflict develops DURING the interviews.

Please consider whether there exists a conflict of interest between the candidate and a member of the interview panel. These conflicts could include business relationships, financial connections, close friendships or mentorships.

Interview Plan and Questions

Policy & Local Practice


Questions: Hiring Manager submits interview questions to Recruiter for review.

All candidates MUST be asked the same questions.

The Recruiter can provide a list of sample behavioral-based interview questions as well as review questions you have developed in support of our diversity and Affirmative Action goals.

Second-round interviews (e.g., presentations, meet-and-greets, tests)

All finalists should go through the same second-round interview process.

Please discuss your plans in advance with your Recruiter

Conducting the Interview 

Policy & Local Practice


Candidate greeting: All candidates must be given the same length of time for their interview and provided the same instructions.

Prepare an agenda for each interview:

1. Introductions

2. Timelines

3. Opportunities for questions

Questions: All candidates MUST be asked the same, pre-approved questions.

Questions can be asked by panel members on a rotating basis.

All panel members should record notes during or immediately following each interview, for recall and rating purposes.

After the Interview

Checking References

Policy & Local Practice


The reference check process is either done electronically through SkillSurvey or by the hiring department, after the interview. Please check with your Recruiter to determine which process to take with your hiring process. For SkillSurvey, Candidates will receive an email requesting contact information for references, two of whom need to be current or previous supervisors/managers. The coordinator will send the completed report to the hiring manager for review once complete.

The Hiring Manager will notify their Recruiter to begin the reference check process once the finalists have been identified. For those managers not using SkillSurvey, please see the Reference Check process page.

  • Skill survey reference checks should be reserved for only your top final candidates.
  • Skill survey should only be requested after you have conducted interviews.
  • Do not research a candidate online on pages or sites that are not work related.
  • You must get affirmative permission from your top candidate before contacting references.
  • You must only contact references provided by your top candidate that you have permission to contact.
  • Best practice is to review the most recent performance evaluation for current UCD/UCDH employees.
  • Skill survey is a confidential tool to aid in your hiring decisions.
  • Do not share the results with anyone not directly involved in making the decision.
  • Do not share the results with your candidate whether you or do not proceed with the candidate.
  • Consult with your Talent Acquisition Partner for questions, process, or recommendation on next steps and how to proceed.

Appointments can be made by contacting:


Online Evaluation

Policy & Local Practice


Some Hiring Departments utilize recruiting processes that require Hiring Managers complete this form for all interviewed candidates. Please work with your Recruiter to verify what processes to conduct. 

Refer to the TAM Interview Evaluations Reference Document (PDF)

Making the Offer

Policy & Local Practice


Either the Hiring Manager or the Recruiter can inform the successful candidate.

The Hiring Manager and Recruiter will discuss the results of the reference check(s) and discuss the offer process PRIOR to contacting the candidate.

Candidates NOT selected: it is the department’s responsibility to notify these individuals by telephone or email.

Consider this sample communication:

Thank you for interviewing for the __________ position in the _________________ Department at UC Davis Health. The selection process for this position was very competitive and unfortunately, you were not selected. We wish you well in your future endeavors.


Policy & Local Practice


Recruitment documentation: must be maintained by the Hiring Department for FOUR Years from the date of hire, and available for review.

Documents should be stored in a way that they are easily accessible if requested during an audit.