Formalizing Flexible Work Arrangements

The Flexible Work Agreement and the Flexible Work Schedule are used to formalize a flexible work arrangement. 

Follow these steps AFTER:
>>  Thorough consultation with the employee
>>  Receiving approval from the manager overseeing the employee's department
>>  Confirming any department-specific processes with your Flexible Work Liaison

Step 1:
Flexible Work Schedule

Employees and Supervisors will document individual employee arrangements, including details regarding schedule, communication expectations, and more. 

Confirm with your Flexible Work Liaison, which version of the Flexible Work Schedule is being used in your area, any required approvals, and how to retain/store the file.

  • Fillable PDF
    This version is a fillable PDF with electronic signature fields.
  • Word DOC
    This version may be used by units who will be modifying the structure and content to create their own forms.
  • Initiate via DocuSign
    This version will route through a DocuSign PowerForm where you can enter who the recipients are (employee, supervisor, approvers).


Step 2:
Flexible Work Agreement

This describes the terms and conditions for a remote or hybrid-remote work arrangement and will be e-signed by the employee.

Initiate Via DocuSign 

Check with your Flexible Work Liaison about who should initiate and approve the Flexible Work Agreement (up to 2 approvers).  Click here to view a sample Flexible Work Agreement.

  • DocuSign Tips
  • 1.  Start the DocuSign process AFTER the agreement or schedule has been worked through; the DocuSign form is not editable after initial entry.

    2.  If a form needs to be changed, stop the review process and start a new DocuSign PowerForm.
         >>  To do this, a reviewing signer should “Decline to Sign” by clicking on Other Actions in DocuSign

    3. If you are Initiating a DocuSign PowerForm:
         >>  If you are also a signer, you will enter your information twice and the document will be emailed to you for your signature.
         >>  You will need to fill in the details of the Schedule or Agreement on the document that will appear after you click Begin Signing.

Step 3: Remote Use of University Resources Agreement

Supervisor, Flexible Work Liaison or other unit/dept. designee works with employee to complete.

Download Remote Use of University Resources Agreement