Legal Insurance

Most people need legal advice at one time or another.

To get you the assistance you need, UC offers the ARAG Legal plan, which gives you access to a range of quality legal services. The plan provides support with routine preventive or defensive matters and covers most basic legal needs.

How the Plan Works

ARAG network attorneys provide services in two ways:

  • Telephone: You may call a telephone network attorney who will either work with you over the phone or recommend that you meet with an attorney in person. Using telephone network attorneys can help you get the most from the plan.
  • Office appointments: The plan covers a wide-range of legal matters, most of which are fully paid when you work with a network attorney. For matters not listed, the plan provides “Attorney Office Work” benefit for up to eight hours per year.

Plan Costs

Monthly Cost

  • Self: $10.41
  • Self plus adult: $14.32
  • Self plus child(ren): $14.32
  • Self plus adult plus child(ren): $15.62

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